Martelé Silver Classic 8-Piece Set

SKU: SL:1032

Robbe & Berking Silver Cutlery Set, consisting of 1x Menu Knife, 1x Dessert Knife, 1x Menu Fork, 1x Dessert Fork, 1x Menu Spoon, 1x Dessert Spoon, 1x Coffee Spoon and 1x Mocha Spoon, as an 8-piece set.  

Available in 925 Sterling Silver or 150g Silver-Plate

Sterling Silver ships within 21 days; Silver-Plated within 14 days

Boxes are available separately and can be made to suit the composition of your set


Brand Notes


Time to use your silver everyday. This is not only the most exquisite silver the world over, but is also the most practical.  This silver can be used in the dishwasher (including the knives).  It is no wonder that Robbe & Berking is in the serving cupboards of over half the world’s super yachts, and 500 Michelin stars of restaurants.


Handmade silver cutlery

Menu Knife 239mm, Dessert Knife 214mm, Menu Fork 200mm, Dessert Fork 180mm, Menu Spoon 204mm, Desert Spoon 182mm, Coffee Spoon 130mm, Mocha Spoon 109mm

Gift Box: Available Separately

Dishwasher safe


Sterling Silver ships within 14 days; Silver-Plated within 7 days