A Short History of Our Company: Weaving Threads in Interior Design

Interior design is not just about choosing fabrics and colors; it's about weaving stories and creating spaces that embody history, personality, and a touch of magic. Whilst our company was founded in 2019 by Max, his story begins much before then. You could say it begins with a heritage of working with fabric, from his great great grandfather’s linen business in the 1860s, to an upbringing of beautiful houses (his parents were always on the move), and then a stint at the famous Anouska Hempel. It even includes a time at Oxford University where Max got his doctorate looking at dress and clothing jewellery in Ancient Greece.

This rich tapestry of Max’s life has led to the culmination of opening a showroom at 15 Richmond Hill in 2021. The collection of fabrics and designs have all been chosen by Max. They represent his signature style of mixing contemporary with classic. In just two years Max’s work has been published in The English Home, and features in The Daily Telegraph, Living Etc, even The Bookseller.

Max’s design begins with good architecture, paints and wall papers, and then layers of popping colour in curtains and soft furnishings. In this way he creates interiors that are calm backgrounds for interesting things (and people) to shine. Max’s advice is to be bold with colour and pattern, using materials that bring you joy even if they are daring. You can layer large patterns with small and medium patterns in a room for success. If you choose a fabric that you love it will show. Choosing fabrics is not only about creating a great backdrop to live your life, but plays an active role in shaping it and reflecting your personality.

Are you ready to transform your home into a tale of your choosing?