Ginori Labrintho Centrepiece Plate

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The red centrepiece plate from the Labirinto collection of Ginori 1735.

It makes for a sophisticated and high drama tableware set.

Labirinto was originally designed by Gio Ponti in the 1920s. and has been reintroduced by creative director Alessandro Micheli. The maze resembles the labyrinth at Knossos, where the minotaur was hidden by the fabled inventor Daedalus.

Brand Notes

"Ginori 1735 is an epitome of Italian luxury in terms of style and quality. The second oldest porcelain manufacturer in Europe, the Florentine company has a rich heritage which is seen through the wide range of tableware which is at once modern and timeless.

Many of the styles have numerous colours that can be playfully mixed and matched to add excitement to the table. Or indeed mix between the collections altogether.

The beauty of each Ginori piece is not only in its style, but its quality.  Every plate is heavy and sturdy, made by hand in Florence and goes through multiple processes and firings.  These are dishes to use and bring joy for all occasions."


Hand-painted Porcelain

Diameter: 310mm; Wieght: 1kg

Due to its handmade nature, no two pieces are exactly alike. Hand-wash in warm water; Dishwasher safe at or below 40°C


Ships within 24 hours